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Family Law Tip for Greeley, CO: Divorce Shouldn’t be Social

Divorce is a painful experience no matter what the circumstances are. Even so-called “amicable” divorces are stressful and filled with unhappy moments; adding in the additional stress of a contested divorce can often make the experience almost intolerable. In such times, we naturally reach out for the support and comfort of friends and family – but when it comes to reaching out over social media networks, you have to be very careful, because what you post on your social media can – and often will – be used against you in a divorce court proceeding. One thing any attorney experienced... Read More

Criminal Defense in Greeley, CO and the Modern Video Age

If you’ve been watching the news at all recently, you’re aware that a whole new modern wrinkle has been added to the world of criminal activity and the sort of criminal defense that Greeley, CO sees: The video footage from smartphones, surveillance cameras, and even police cruisers. The occasional security camera footage has been part of criminal investigations for decades, of course, but up until recently footage of crimes, especially crimes on the street, have been relatively rare. More importantly, video footage that captured criminal activity usually went directly to law enforcement, and was only viewed by those involved in... Read More

Senior Citizen Bankruptcy in Greeley, CO

Even in the modern day and age, bankruptcy has an image problem. When people consider bankruptcy today, they still see shifty folks who have mismanaged their finances or flamboyant investors who have lost everything after living lavishly beyond their means. In other words, even the bankruptcy that Greeley, CO sees has a certain element of shame attached to it. And while this is unfair for anyone, it is especially unfair for senior citizens who are running out of retirement funds. Often, the shortfall in funding is not due to anything the person has done wrong or foolishly, but due to... Read More

DUI in Greeley, CO and the World

As beautiful as Colorado is, its citizens do occasionally leave it for adventures around the world. When they do so, even the most law-abiding and conscientious people occasionally make errors in judgment and drive after having one too many – often the seductive quality of vacation time can harm our judgment. In the past, a DUI arrest or citation in another state might have stayed there, but today most states have reciprocal agreements that will ensure your home state finds out about your DUI in, say, New Jersey and will treat it as if it was a DUI that Greeley,... Read More