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When You Are Irretrievably Broken: Divorce Attorney in Greeley, Co

Divorce is always traumatic. Under the best of circumstances, when both spouses retain affection and respect for each other and mutually decide the marriage is over, there is still the possibility of rancor and resentment stemming from the way the proceedings are handled or the outcome of decisions regarding custody, support, or property division. When the decision to divorce isn’t a mutual one, the chances of this sort of negativity increase greatly. While a divorce attorney in Greeley, CO cannot necessarily change the mood or atmosphere of a divorce, they can clear up some common misconceptions surrounding a Colorado divorce,... Read More

The Dark Side of Division of Assets in Greeley, Co

In most divorces, no matter how emotional or dismaying the event is, the spouses retain enough respect for each other to attempt to conclude the business of separating their lives without unnecessary drama or cruelty. Sometimes, however, individuals in a divorce who have high-value assets may seek to hide these assets from their soon-to-be former spouses. This is both illegal and unethical, no matter what their private opinion might be about how the wealth was acquired and the other spouse’s contributions to that process. In the division of assets Greeley, CO attorneys oversee there are usually a few common places... Read More

Timing is Crucial in Greeley, Co Child Support Modification

Anyone who believes that divorce totally ends the relationship between spouses has never actually experienced a divorce. Divorces may legally sever the legal and financial relationship between two people, but they cannot sever the emotional and familial relationships, especially if there are children involved. Issues will linger and require interaction and attention at some level for years after the divorce decree is issued. One issue that usually plagues divorces involving children is child support. When divorced parents seek a Greeley, CO child support modification, they must be prepared to present a solid case for their request, to supply backing documentation... Read More

Colorado Juvenile Crime Defense Lawyer and the Difference between Adult and Juvenile

In some senses, juvenile proceedings in Colorado are very similar to adult proceedings. In both cases, charges are brought and the purpose of a trial is to determine guilt and assign a sentence that is proportional to the crime. However, when seeking out a Colorado juvenile crime defense lawyer to represent a juvenile accused of a crime, it’s essential to locate an attorney who understands the key differences between how juvenile crimes and adult crimes are handled. Punishment Vs. Education The fundamental difference between adult prosecutions and juvenile proceedings is that adult prosecutions seek to punish the accused on the... Read More