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What a Divorce Attorney in Greeley, CO can Tell You About Spousal Maintenance

Divorce is never a happy occasion, and most people prefer to think they will never find themselves standing in a court room asking that their marriage be dissolved. However, it does happen, and if you are contemplating a divorce or already pursuing one, you should contact a divorce attorney in Greeley, CO as soon as possible to learn everything you can about what can and will happen as the process moves forward. One aspect of divorce that is widely misunderstood is spousal maintenance, often referred to informally as alimony. Here are the facts about spousal maintenance in Colorado that a... Read More

What Does “Equitable” Mean in Division of Assets in Greeley, CO

Divorce means many things: The end of a relationship, the beginning of a new life, the transformation of many relationships. It also usually requires the division of property and wealth, as very few divorces involve zero property or other assets. Dividing these assets can be a complicated business, especially for long-term marriages where a lot of property or other assets have been accumulated in the peculiarly messy way marriages have. In the state of Colorado, the key word in the law is the term “equitable.” Colorado is not a community property state, so the division of assets Greeley, CO sees... Read More

Achieving a Greeley, CO Child Support Modification

Nothing in this world is perfect – and no one knows this better than survivors of divorce. After all, when you have seen a marriage go from passionate beginnings to bitter endings, it is easy to see that everything is in a state of constant change, and what works in one scenario or time period may not work so well in another. This is also true of child support orders issued during the course of a divorce. What may have been sensible and workable at the time can change at several points during the course of the children’s childhood years.... Read More

Can Drug Use (Legal or Not) or Second-hand smoke affect your parenting rights?

Absolutely, contact one of our lawyers and let us tell you how. When it comes to drugs, Colorado is often mistakenly assumed to be a very lenient state simply because of the recent strides towards legal marijuana sale and use in the state. However, this does not in any way indicate that Colorado as a whole is tolerant of illegal substances, drug use, possession, or distribution. This is even more pronounced when children are involved, as Colorado is extremely intolerant of situations where drugs are consumed or even present when children are nearby. This includes marijuana; many people assume marijuana... Read More