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Spousal Maintenance and Retirement Accounts

Ideally, divorce should be rare. It should be a civil and calm procedure that allows people to maintain both their dignity and lifestyles while safeguarding the children’s emotional, mental, and physical health. All too often, of course, the negative emotions coupled with divorce translate into a fierce battle of wills as spouses attempt to punish each other for their perceived sins and failures as a spouse. This attitude can extend beyond the divorce decree, as well, as a spouse facing a support order often attempts to avoid actually paying what the court has ordered them to pay. In these cases,... Read More

Divorce and the Division of Assets

It is not overstating the situation to say that divorce is a difficult and chaotic period in anyone’s life. After years of working to combine two lives, two incomes, two sets of assets, suddenly you begin working to separate them. Years and years of mutually-owned objects and assets must suddenly be assessed, valued, and divided. If at the same time you are engaged in a divorce proceeding your financial situation is so dire that you are contemplating bankruptcy in order to vacate your debts and find some stability, you should contact one of our bankruptcy attorneys immediately to discuss your... Read More

How Can I Change a Child Support Order?

One of the most obvious and most difficult aspects of a divorce in any state is the limitation it can place on your parenting time spent with your children. Even the most ideal divorce typically means one parent suffers from a loss of time spent with their children, and in extreme cases one parent loses almost all contact with their kids. Luckily, there are options to seek a modification to a child custody order. Changing circumstances often mean custody arrangements must be changed for the best interests of the child, and one of the most compelling “best interest” arguments you... Read More

Defending Juvenile Crimes

Juveniles are by their very nature inexperienced, but often assume they know more than they do. They often also assume they cannot or will not be held accountable for their actions, whether due to their experience of parenting styles or because they have never really experienced real trouble before. When this youthful assumption of invincibility is combined with drugs or alcohol and a vehicle, it can often result in a DUI charge. In most states, including Colorado, a juvenile DUI is still a very serious charge. If your child has been charged with a DUI offense, your first step should... Read More