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Support Enforcement and a Divorce Attorney in Greeley, CO

In Colorado, the basic principle when it comes to the support of children in a marriage is simple: Both parents are expected to pay for their child’s welfare and care according to the income they provide and the time they spend with the child. If one parent spends less than 50% of the time with the children, or earns significantly more than the other parent, they will be expected to pay support in order to equalize the burden. One mistake many people make when separating is failing to get a court order determining the support order. In an effort to... Read More

Personal Bank Accounts and Division of Assets Greeley, CO

Most people, when they admit to the end of their marriage and begin working to split, approach the work with a heavy heart and a sincere desire to simply have a fair and equitable ending. While some couples certainly do approach divorce as a final battle in a war long ago lost, many couples simply try their best to disengage gracefully, provide for their children, and have some kind of relationship post-divorce. However, many people make simple incorrect assumptions that can negatively impact their attitude and their role in the divorce process. For example, many people believe that if they... Read More

Greeley, CO Child Support Modification and New Families

One of the most unexpected consequences of a divorce, for many people, is a new relationship that leads to marriage for one or both of the former spouses. Most people are so focused on the drama and bureaucracy of their divorce they fail to consider the possibility that their former spouse will seek out a new partner. Aside from the often unpredictable emotional reaction to a new marriage, many people also wonder how a new marriage affects child support, and whether it makes a Greeley, CO child support modification possible. The short answer that any experienced attorney will tell you... Read More

How a Colorado Juvenile Crime Defense Lawyer Can Save Your Child’s Future

When a young son or daughter is accused of a crime, many parents enter into what’s known as “denial,” believing wholeheartedly that their child must be innocent and refusing to take any step that might include admitting guilt. While your child may be innocent, you must be more aggressive in mounting a defense against the charges and make the right decisions whether they are guilty or not, or the charges may severely limit your child’s opportunities down the road. The first step when your minor child has been charged with a crime is to contact the best Colorado juvenile crime... Read More