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Why You Have to Hire a Divorce Attorney in Greeley, CO; Even If the Divorce Is Uncontested

Many couples may think that they don't need an attorney to handle their divorce and that they can do it themselves. This is mainly due to the many websites out there that claim they can give you quick results without a lawyer's assistance. However, divorce can be complex, and there are rights that both parties have under the law that a DIY service may not assist with. When a couple hires an attorney to assist with their divorce, even one that is uncontested, there will not be as many potential legal problems in the future. Through hiring a divorce attorney... Read More

You Have a Lot to Lose If You Do Not Call a DUI Attorney in Greeley, CO Right Away After a DUI Arrest

If you have been arrested for DUI or DWAI in Colorado, you could be facing fines, jail time or possibly even an interlock device. A DUI charge is nothing to take lightly, and you should make sure you hire a DUI attorney in Greeley, CO as soon as possible after your DUI arrest. A DUI charge means that you had a blood alcohol content of over .08 while you were driving. For DWAI, your BAC would have to be between .05 and .08. The penalties for DUI and DWAI change depending on how many prior instances of drinking and driving... Read More

How Calling a Colorado Bankruptcy Attorney Can Be Your Financial Fresh Start

If you are being harassed by bill collectors, there is something you can do to make it stop. Through filing either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can stop the bill collectors and have a fresh start when it comes to your finances. Bankruptcy helps people in need across the country and in Colorado put an end to the harassment by creditors and gives them a way out. No matter which kind of bankruptcy you declare, creditors must stop all collection calls and activities, instead having the debt managed through the bankruptcy trustee. How creditors are paid is usually... Read More

What You Stand to Lose If You Are Found Guilty of a Felony and Why You Should Hire a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney

The consequences of a felony conviction go beyond incarceration and fines. With a felony record, there can be lifetime issues when it comes to many things, from employment to public assistance. If you are facing a conviction for a felony charge, it is essential that you have an exceptional Colorado criminal defense attorney on your side so that you can protect your rights and your future. Usually, the most serious crimes are considered felonies and the penalties can range from sentences of over a year all the way up to the death penalty. The type of sentence that you may... Read More