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Hiring a Divorce Attorney in Greeley CO When You Can’t Find Your Spouse

There are some divorce actions where one spouse is missing, either because the couple had separated long ago and moved on or because that spouse is purposefully hiding. Colorado does not force people to remain married when they don't want to be, meaning that the spouse who wants a divorce does have options when their spouse goes missing. Through hiring a divorce attorney in Greeley Colorado, you can begin the search and do the proper notification necessary to divorce when there is a missing spouse. A divorce attorney in Greeley Colorado will be able to follow all of the necessary... Read More

What Property Your Bankruptcy Attorney in Greeley CO Can Help You Keep

There are many people out there who need to declare bankruptcy because they need a fresh start financially. What many people don't realize when they file through a bankruptcy attorney in Greeley Colorado, is that some property is exempt from having to be sold in order to pay back creditors. With these exemptions, many people can protect many of their assets and even property that they use on a daily basis, meaning that they don't have to give up everything they own in order to get their bankruptcy discharged. While the best step when it comes to determining what exemptions... Read More

Using Family Law Mediation in Greeley CO as Your Custody Needs Evolve

As your children grow up, their custody needs will probably need to grow with them. Rather than going to court every couple of years to settle custody issues, family law mediation in Greeley Colorado can offer a much better alternative. With family law mediation in Greeley Colorado, you and your child's other parent can avoid the legal fees and negativity that goes along with going to court every couple of years. This means you have a much better chance of coming up with a new custody arrangement that works for everyone. When children grow up, things like sports, dance lessons,... Read More

Difference Between DUI and DWAI in Greeley CO

Colorado has similar drinking and driving laws as the rest of the country when it comes to DUI. For a DUI charge, a driver has to have over a .08 BAC. However, there is a lesser charge called a DWAI in Greeley Colorado, which brings less of a penalty while drinking and driving. For a DWAI in Greeley Colorado, also known as driving while ability impaired, a driver has to have a BAC between .05 and .08. The main difference between DUI and DWAI in Greeley, CO, besides the BAC of the driver is the toughness of the penalty someone... Read More