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Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Greeley CO When Charged With Driving While High

Most people already know about the laws against drinking and driving. However, what most people may not know is that driving while impaired by drugs, even legal or prescribed drugs, is also illegal and could end up getting you arrested. While determining your level of impairment while under the influence of legal or illegal drugs may be different when compared to alcohol, the penalties can be the same, meaning that you need a criminal defense attorney in Greeley Colorado to protect your rights. A criminal defense attorney in Greeley Colorado can get you results in your driving while high case.... Read More

Coming up With a Parenting Plan with Child Custody Mediation in Greeley CO

Going to court to hammer out child custody issues may not be in the best interest of all families. For many parents, coming up with a custody agreement without going to court by using child custody mediation in Greeley Colorado, could be ideal since it has the possibility of leading to a result that takes everyone's needs into consideration. With child custody mediation in Greeley Colorado, parents can work together to come up with a parenting plan outside of court, hopefully to the satisfaction of everyone involved. Mediation is quite different from court, and the result can be seen in... Read More

Using a Divorce Mediator in Greeley CO to Spit Marital Debts

Marital assets aren't the only thing that needs to be split up between divorcing spouses. Many couples have debts that came up during the marriage as well. These debts can be anything from credit card bills to a mortgage and could be a very important part of a divorce settlement. Through using a divorce mediator in Greeley Colorado, you and your spouse can divide up any debts of your divorce in an equitable way that takes into account factors such as earning potential or property division. Your divorce mediator in Greeley Colorado can help you and your spouse come up... Read More

How Division of Assets in Greeley CO Applies to Your Retirement Accounts

Most couples getting divorced know about the major types of marital property, the family home, household goods and joint bank accounts, for example. What many may not realize is that the division of assets in Greeley Colorado also applies to retirement accounts, such as a 401K or pension, as well. This can make division of assets in Greeley Colorado more complicated as the court would have to figure out the value of retirement accounts and the amount those accounts changed over the course of the marriage. Even if one spouse did not contribute individually to the other spouse's retirement account,... Read More