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Three Reasons Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Have a Criminal Defense Attorney in Greeley CO

A criminal defense attorney in Greeley CO provides invaluable legal services to individuals who are at risk of losing their freedom or having a criminal record follow them around the rest of their lives. Some individuals may consider quickly copping a plea to avoid the expense of hiring a criminal defense attorney in Greeley CO. However, this often results in a harsher sentence than the individual would have received had he or she had competent legal representation. Some reasons to strongly consider using the services of a criminal defense attorney include the following: A Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Your Rights... Read More

Why It Pays to Hire a Divorce Mediator in Greeley CO

Divorce is not known for being a friendly process. For this reason, many divorces are contested. However, a divorce mediator in Greeley CO can help bridge the gap between the spouses to help them reach an amicable agreement. A divorce mediator in Greeley CO may provide the following benefits: Enhanced Communications Divorce mediators receive special training in the development of conflict resolution and communication skills. They are often able to communicate in a manner that motivates cooperation between the parties. They facilitate communication and deliver messages to the parties individually and collectively. Better communication often results in a final agreement... Read More

Three Times You REALLY Need to Contact a DUI Attorney in Greeley CO

Being convicted of a DUI can lead to serious consequences that affect your freedom and reputation. A DUI attorney in Greeley CO may be able to help minimize these risks. In particular, you may want to consider contacting a DUI attorney in Greeley CO in the following situations: You Need to Understand Your Rights A DUI attorney can help explain your rights before you ever confront a DUI. It may be an ideal time to ask about this information when there are projected checkpoints and increased patrols due to DUI crackdowns or holidays. A DUI attorney can explain the ramifications... Read More

When You Are Eligible for a Child Support Modification in Greeley CO

When a child support order is established, the amount is based on the circumstances present at that particular point in time. However, situations may arise in which a child support modification Greeley CO is appropriate. If a person is eligible for a child support modification in Greeley CO, there are certain procedural steps that he or she must follow in order to effectuate this change. There are two general grounds that provide the basis for a child support modification. Dollar Amount of the Order Changes The most common basis to change the amount of child support ordered is when there... Read More