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The Importance of Having a Divorce Attorney in Greeley CO

The division of marital property can be one of the most complex issues surrounding a divorce. While some property may be seemingly obvious that it is marital property, there may be other types of property that are not quite as clear. It is for this reason that both spouses have a divorce attorney in Greeley Colorado to assist them when it comes to figuring out what counts as marital property and how to divide it. A divorce attorney in Greeley Colorado is the best person to assist you when figuring out what is marital property and what is not. In... Read More

Why to Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney in Greeley CO Rather Than a DIY Bankruptcy

There are many legal services out there that claim to let you handle any number of issues without the aid of a lawyer, providing instead assistance with paperwork only. Commercials and websites claim that everything from writing a will to divorcing your spouse can be done without the aid of an attorney. One of the claims that these companies make is that you don't need a bankruptcy attorney in Greeley Colorado to assist you in your bankruptcy, but instead you can save money and do it yourself. What these same companies fail to mention is that bankruptcy cases are not... Read More

Handling Evolving Custody Needs with Family Law Mediation in Greeley CO

A custody agreement that was reached for a toddler probably won't work for an older child. A child's needs change as they grow, meaning that the custody agreement for that child will need to change also. With family law mediation in Greeley Colorado, both parents can come up with a custody arrangement that deals with the evolving needs of a child. Family law mediation in Greeley Colorado can help parents stay out of court while also creating a custody arrangement that works for everyone. As a child grows up, they will have different needs to do, to extra-curricular activities such... Read More

The Difference Between a DUI and a DWAI in Greeley CO

Driving while ability impaired, or DWAI, is a lesser charge for driving while drunk or high. Unlike DUI, where the law is triggered by a BAC that is over .08, DWAI in Greeley Colorado is for a BAC of between .05 or .08. A DWAI in Greeley Colorado is still a crime; however, you could still face jail time, fines or a license suspension if you are found guilty. There are different sentences for a first offense DWAI as compared to a DUI. A first offense for a DWAI in Greeley Colorado can involve a sentence of up to 180... Read More