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What Is Imputing Income and How Does It Affect Child Support Modification in Greeley CO?

While many parents do what they should when it comes to supporting their children, it is an unfortunate fact that there are parents out there who will try their best not to pay child support.  One way this is done is for the non-custodial parent to lower his or her earnings in the hopes of getting a child support modification in Greeley Colorado that reflects that lower income.  However, lowering income is not going to result in a lower child support in itself, especially if that child support modification in Greeley Colorado is done in bad faith. Voluntarily lowering one's... Read More

What It Means When a DUI Attorney in Greeley CO Advises You on a Wet Reckless Charge

If you have been charged with a DUI, it is possible that your DUI attorney in Greeley Colorado will advise you to take a plea deal in order to get you a lighter sentence.  One of the possible plea deals that you might hear about, depending on the circumstances of your arrest, is a so-called "wet reckless" plea.   Understanding what this charge means and why your DUI attorney in Greeley Colorado can give you a good idea about what actions you can do to lessen the effect of your DUI charge. A wet reckless charge is a lesser offense of... Read More

Why a Divorce Mediator in Greeley CO Is Especially Useful When Splitting up Household Goods

While it is not something that spouses normally think of when they are getting divorced, a big part of the discussions that need to go into any final order or settlement would be division of household goods.   For especially contentious divorces, arguments over household goods can be almost endless, resulting in high legal fees and extra time added on to a divorce case.  When you hire a divorce mediator in Greeley Colorado, you and your spouse can take care of the issue of dividing up household goods in a way that works for you both.  A divorce mediator in Greeley... Read More

Why Choosing to Defend Yourself Is a Bad Idea instead of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Greeley CO

No one would choose to do surgery on themselves, yet there are some people out there that believe that by representing themselves and not hiring a criminal defense attorney in Greeley Colorado is a good idea.  Whether representing yourself is to gain a feeling of better control over your case, or is done to save money, not hiring a criminal defense attorney in Greeley Colorado can cost you in the long run. Although rarely done, representing yourself in court is a right of in any legal action, but it is not advisable.  By hiring a criminal defense attorney in Greeley... Read More