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Important Differences between DUI and DWAI in Greeley CO

If you are facing a charge of DWAI in Greeley CO, it is important to understand the differences between a DUI and a DWAI.  In basic terms, a DUI is considered a more serious offense than a DWAI in Greeley CO but the distinction can often be more complicated. At first instance, the difference between DUI and DWAI is an objective one, and is based on your blood alcohol level.  When a breath test or blood test gives a result over 0.08, you are likely to be charged with DUI.  If your blood alcohol level is still over the 0.05... Read More

Family Law Mediation in Greeley CO is Not the Time to Include Extended Family

One of the more common requests that someone specializing in family law mediation in Greeley CO receives is for one or both parties to have a friend or family member attend the mediation with them to provide support.  In most cases, it is then up to the specialist in family law mediation in Greeley CO to explain that including extended family directly in the family mediation process can often-times make the process much more difficult for all concerned. Firstly, all parties to the mediation, along with their counsel, need to agree to the presence of someone who is not a... Read More

The Role of a Bankruptcy Attorney in Greeley CO

When someone is facing financial hardship, often-times their last thought is to turn ask for help from a bankruptcy attorney in Greeley CO.  After all, a person facing bankruptcy, by definition, is suffering extreme financial hardship, and is unlikely to want to spend the limited funds that they do have access to on a bankruptcy attorney in Greeley CO.  Meeting with a bankruptcy attorney in our office will never cost you money for the initial consultation, and you will receive valuable information to better help you make decisions about whether you need to file at all, or what would be... Read More

Advice from a Divorce Attorney in Greeley CO for When Your Spouse is Filing for Divorce

Many of the phone calls received from a divorce attorney in Greeley CO come from people feeling confused and upset after finding out that their spouse is planning on filing for divorce. In the unfortunate circumstance that you ever find yourself in this position, here are some tips from a divorce attorney in Greeley CO to help you navigate this turbulent time. Keep Things Civil Upon hearing that their spouse is intending to file for divorce, many people come out fighting. This understandable reaction usually comes as a result of hurt feelings and embarrassment, but it is particularly important to... Read More