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Three Advantages of Using a Bankruptcy Attorney in Greeley CO

A bankruptcy attorney in Greeley Colorado can be a significant help during a difficult time.  Some of the reasons why you may wish to consider hiring a bankruptcy attorney in Greeley Colorado include: You Can Learn Your Rights A bankruptcy attorney can explain what the process of bankruptcy is.  He or she can explain what it can and cannot do.  This allows you to make an informed decision about whether or not you should pursue this route or consider other debt relief options.  If the main reason why you want bankruptcy assistance is because of creditor contact, a bankruptcy attorney... Read More

Surprising Benefits of Family Law Mediation in Greeley CO

Families that want to keep their family issues out of the courtroom often turn to family law mediation in Greeley Colorado.  The process of family law mediation in Greeley Colorado often helps parties come up with solutions that work for their specific family rather than relying on the standard and generic court order.  Some surprising benefits that parties may receive from this process include: Ability to Settle Disputes Faster When parties have time for bad feelings to fester and to become rooted in their positions, they often lose objectivity and reasonableness in the process.  Since mediation does not rely on... Read More

Aggressive Challenges to Cases Involving DWAI in Greeley CO

In cases involving DWAI in Greeley Colorado, even more defenses are available due to the state’s inability to produce a .08 or above BAC reading.  Many cases involving DWAI in Greeley Colorado are based on a law enforcement officer’s subjective opinions and actions.  Some challenges may include: No Reasonable Suspicion for the Stop Some cues that law enforcement officers may rely on to assess intoxication may not be sufficient to support a stop.  For example, if a car is weaving inside a lane, it is not a violation until the vehicle crosses into another lane.  Even if there was reason... Read More

Divorce Attorney in Greeley CO – Three Mistakes to Avoid

A divorce attorney in Greeley Colorado often recommends what to do during the divorce process.  However, he or she is just as likely as to provide information about what not to do.  Some mistakes that a divorce attorney in Greeley Colorado will advise against include: Using a Lawyer to Punish Your Spouse Sometimes spouses feel a surge of negative emotions during a divorce.  This can make them enter into combat mode in which they want to inflict as much damage as possible.  However, this strategy usually backfires.  Courts will not usually punish another spouse because he or she cheated or... Read More