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Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Greeley CO

You have the right to hire a criminal defense attorney in Greeley CO of your choice when you are facing any type of criminal charge.  A criminal defense attorney in Greeley CO serves many roles and can have a direct impact on what happens in your case. A criminal defense attorney can advise a client of his or her rights and take steps to prevent the client from taking steps that hurt his or her defense.  This may include talking to police or consenting to a search that the police otherwise would not be legally able to conduct.  A criminal... Read More

DUI or DWAI Attorney in Greeley CO Explains First Offender Consequences

A DUI or DWAI attorney in Greeley CO  or a Traffic ticket attorney in Greeley CO provides legal representation to many individuals charged with these crimes, including first offenders.  While a DUI or DWAI attorney in Greeley CO can explain that the consequences of a DUI conviction are not as severe for a first offender as they are for a repeat offender, the consequences are still significant. One of the most significant penalties that a first offender can face is the loss of driving privileges.  A first offender faces a three month suspension of his or her driver’s license.  This... Read More

Mediating Child Support Modification in Greeley CO

When parties are considering child support modification in Greeley CO, they can choose to litigate the issue or reach an agreement on this matter.  The option to mediate child support modification in Greeley CO allows the parties to craft their own agreement.  Effective ways to complete this type of mediation include: Consider What the Law Provides Colorado courts allow a parent to request a review of a child support order every three years.  The child support order can be modified before this time period if the party asking for the request can show that there is a substantial and continuing... Read More

Preparing Before You Meet With Your Divorce Mediator in Greeley CO

A divorce mediator in Greeley CO can be a tremendous asset during a trying time.  However, meeting for mediation does not mean that the process can be taken lightly.  The participants are making decisions that can affect their lives and those of their children for years to come.  Before meeting with a divorce mediator in Greeley CO, participants can prepare legally and psychologically by doing the following: Create Ground Rules There will be time for divorcing parties before they meet with a mediator.  They may have to some interaction with each other because they are still living in the same... Read More