Areas of Practice

Family Law
Divorce is one of the toughest challenges a family can face. Whether you are in a heated battle with your spouse over custody and financial matters, or the two of you have reached an understanding and simply need someone to assist with the legal red tape of ending your marriage, Laura Petrilli can help.Read More
Criminal Defense
Average people sometimes need the support of a criminal attorney. Whether you have made mistakes throughout your life that have made you a familiar face in the Colorado court system or you are a first-time offender who stumbled into trouble, you need an attorney who is familiar with Colorado criminal law and can, therefore, fight to protect your rights.Read More
More and more these days, Colorado families are falling on difficult financial times. Bankruptcy used to be a solution for the few who fell down on their luck and faced desperate situations. Unfortunately, people who were once financially comfortable are now the ones facing those desperate situations. If this sounds familiar, you need the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney.Read More
A single mistake can change your life forever. Even if you are typically a light drinker and make it a habit of appointing a designated driver, one misstep after a few cocktails can cause you to lose your license, face steep fines, and even spend time in prison. If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Colorado, it is essential you secure the support of an experienced DUI attorney.Read More
Divorce is one of the most volatile legal matters around. Making the transition from a married to divorced family is fraught with emotion and can make even the most easygoing people feel angry and out of control. Working with an attorney who understands the complicated aspects of divorce can make a world of difference.Read More
1). MEDIATION OF DIVORCE AND FAMILY LAW CASES – Experienced mediators in Greeley, Colorado use mediation to settle a variety of disputes ranging from disputes between business partners, neighbors, and family members. 2). MEDIATION OF NON-FAMILY LAW CASES – Mediation is almost always a much better alternative than litigation. It saves money, time, and stress, and provides a resolution that is satisfactory to everyone involved in a dispute.Read More