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Spousal Maintenance and Retirement Accounts

Ideally, divorce should be rare. It should be a civil and calm procedure that allows people to maintain both their dignity and lifestyles while safeguarding the children’s emotional, mental, and physical health. All too often, of course, the negative emotions coupled with divorce translate into a fierce battle of wills as spouses attempt to punish each other for their perceived sins and failures as a spouse. This attitude can extend beyond the divorce decree, as well, as a spouse facing a support order often attempts to avoid actually paying what the court has ordered them to pay. In these cases,... Read More

I Haven’t Worked in Years; How Will This Impact My Alimony Award?

Alimony in Colorado is also known as spousal maintenance. A judge has the right to authorize short-term or long-term payments to one spouse from another during a divorce proceeding in a period manner. While it is becoming more rare for a permanent alimony award to be handed down in a divorce proceeding, if you are a spouse who has not worked in years and are concerned about your ability to support yourself, spousal maintenance is likely a key concern for you and one you should discuss early. For the most part, permanent alimony is usually only awarded in situations where... Read More

Can I Get An Alimony Award Changed?

For couples that have gone through a divorce in Colorado, one of the key issues decided during the divorce has to do with alimony. As the party who is currently paying alimony, you may be curious about the amount of time you will be responsible for making this payment to your former spouse. Typically, at the outset of a divorce, temporary alimony may be awarded, which can change or stay the same when the final divorce decree is handed down. Working with an experienced family law attorney in Colorado is the smartest approach to staying aware of and involved in... Read More