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Coming up With a Parenting Plan with Child Custody Mediation in Greeley CO

Going to court to hammer out child custody issues may not be in the best interest of all families. For many parents, coming up with a custody agreement without going to court by using child custody mediation in Greeley Colorado, could be ideal since it has the possibility of leading to a result that takes everyone's needs into consideration. With child custody mediation in Greeley Colorado, parents can work together to come up with a parenting plan outside of court, hopefully to the satisfaction of everyone involved. Mediation is quite different from court, and the result can be seen in... Read More

How Can I Change a Child Support Order?

One of the most obvious and most difficult aspects of a divorce in any state is the limitation it can place on your parenting time spent with your children. Even the most ideal divorce typically means one parent suffers from a loss of time spent with their children, and in extreme cases one parent loses almost all contact with their kids. Luckily, there are options to seek a modification to a child custody order. Changing circumstances often mean custody arrangements must be changed for the best interests of the child, and one of the most compelling “best interest” arguments you... Read More

Why Should I Try Child Custody Mediation First?

It can be tempting to just have the court handle your child custody issues, but rarely is the best avenue or outcome for parties who need help determining a parenting and custody visitation schedule in Greeley. To start off with, there is no harm in trying mediation first. Even speaking to a mediator doesn’t mean that you’ll hurt your case in any way if it eventually does go to court. You might want to ask a mediator about timeframes and expected costs as well as what situations tend to do best in mediation. There’s no harm in doing your research... Read More

Child Custody Mediation Myth Busting: Outcomes

Many people working through a child custody case don’t even consider mediation as part of their divorce in Greeley, Colorado. Instead, they assume that litigation is the best way to pursue who will receive custody of the children. This is a common myth, and skipping out on trying mediation can be a big mistake. One of the reasons for believing this myth is that in midst of an emotionally-charged divorce, it’s common to want that “victory” moment in court against the other spouse, but this is rarely in the best interest of the children and it is certainly not a... Read More