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Preparing Before You Meet With Your Divorce Mediator in Greeley CO

A divorce mediator in Greeley CO can be a tremendous asset during a trying time.  However, meeting for mediation does not mean that the process can be taken lightly.  The participants are making decisions that can affect their lives and those of their children for years to come.  Before meeting with a divorce mediator in Greeley CO, participants can prepare legally and psychologically by doing the following: Create Ground Rules There will be time for divorcing parties before they meet with a mediator.  They may have to some interaction with each other because they are still living in the same... Read More

Divorce Attorney in Greeley CO – Three Mistakes to Avoid

A divorce attorney in Greeley Colorado often recommends what to do during the divorce process.  However, he or she is just as likely as to provide information about what not to do.  Some mistakes that a divorce attorney in Greeley Colorado will advise against include: Using a Lawyer to Punish Your Spouse Sometimes spouses feel a surge of negative emotions during a divorce.  This can make them enter into combat mode in which they want to inflict as much damage as possible.  However, this strategy usually backfires.  Courts will not usually punish another spouse because he or she cheated or... Read More

Get a Reality Check with a divorce mediator from Kingsford Law Offices

A divorce mediator from Kingsford Law Offices serves an important role as a third party neutral who helps quarreling couples come up with an agreeable divorce settlement.  Since he or she represents neither party, all opinions come from an objective viewpoint.  One of the biggest benefits of using the services of a divorce mediator from Kingsford Law Offices is the ability for the parties to get a reality check. A divorce mediator can explain the risks, potential costs and the tax consequences of decisions made during the divorce process.  A divorce mediator can point out how a particular decision will... Read More

Advice from a Divorce Attorney in Greeley CO for When Your Spouse is Filing for Divorce

Many of the phone calls received from a divorce attorney in Greeley CO come from people feeling confused and upset after finding out that their spouse is planning on filing for divorce. In the unfortunate circumstance that you ever find yourself in this position, here are some tips from a divorce attorney in Greeley CO to help you navigate this turbulent time. Keep Things Civil Upon hearing that their spouse is intending to file for divorce, many people come out fighting. This understandable reaction usually comes as a result of hurt feelings and embarrassment, but it is particularly important to... Read More

Why a Divorce Mediator in Greeley CO Is Especially Useful When Splitting up Household Goods

While it is not something that spouses normally think of when they are getting divorced, a big part of the discussions that need to go into any final order or settlement would be division of household goods.   For especially contentious divorces, arguments over household goods can be almost endless, resulting in high legal fees and extra time added on to a divorce case.  When you hire a divorce mediator in Greeley Colorado, you and your spouse can take care of the issue of dividing up household goods in a way that works for you both.  A divorce mediator in Greeley... Read More
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