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DUI or DWAI Attorney in Greeley CO Explains First Offender Consequences

A DUI or DWAI attorney in Greeley CO  or a Traffic ticket attorney in Greeley CO provides legal representation to many individuals charged with these crimes, including first offenders.  While a DUI or DWAI attorney in Greeley CO can explain that the consequences of a DUI conviction are not as severe for a first offender as they are for a repeat offender, the consequences are still significant. One of the most significant penalties that a first offender can face is the loss of driving privileges.  A first offender faces a three month suspension of his or her driver’s license.  This... Read More

Aggressive Challenges to Cases Involving DWAI in Greeley CO

In cases involving DWAI in Greeley Colorado, even more defenses are available due to the state’s inability to produce a .08 or above BAC reading.  Many cases involving DWAI in Greeley Colorado are based on a law enforcement officer’s subjective opinions and actions.  Some challenges may include: No Reasonable Suspicion for the Stop Some cues that law enforcement officers may rely on to assess intoxication may not be sufficient to support a stop.  For example, if a car is weaving inside a lane, it is not a violation until the vehicle crosses into another lane.  Even if there was reason... Read More

Defenses a DUI/DWI attorney from Kingsford Law Offices Can Raise

A DUI/DWI attorney from Kingsford Law Offices can advise clients of potential defenses that may apply in their case.  He or she will assess the case against the defendant and the evidence that is likely to be used against him or her.  Some defenses that a DUI/DWI attorney from Kingsford Law Offices may raise include:  Breathalyzer Issues Breathalyzer machines must be carefully maintained in order to provide accurate results.  They must be re-calibrated so often.  A criminal defense lawyer can review information related to the machine to see if it may have provided a false positive.  Additionally, a criminal defense... Read More

Important Differences between DUI and DWAI in Greeley CO

If you are facing a charge of DWAI in Greeley CO, it is important to understand the differences between a DUI and a DWAI.  In basic terms, a DUI is considered a more serious offense than a DWAI in Greeley CO but the distinction can often be more complicated. At first instance, the difference between DUI and DWAI is an objective one, and is based on your blood alcohol level.  When a breath test or blood test gives a result over 0.08, you are likely to be charged with DUI.  If your blood alcohol level is still over the 0.05... Read More

What It Means When a DUI Attorney in Greeley CO Advises You on a Wet Reckless Charge

If you have been charged with a DUI, it is possible that your DUI attorney in Greeley Colorado will advise you to take a plea deal in order to get you a lighter sentence.  One of the possible plea deals that you might hear about, depending on the circumstances of your arrest, is a so-called "wet reckless" plea.   Understanding what this charge means and why your DUI attorney in Greeley Colorado can give you a good idea about what actions you can do to lessen the effect of your DUI charge. A wet reckless charge is a lesser offense of... Read More
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