Divorce is one of the most volatile legal matters around. Making the transition from a married to divorced family is fraught with emotion and can make even the most easygoing people feel angry and out of control. Working with an attorney who understands the complicated aspects of divorce can make a world of difference.

An experienced attorney provides guidance and advice regarding some of the most important decisions you make during the divorce process, including alimony, maintenance, child support, and custody. He or she can provide a realistic assessment of your situation and make it easier to determine how to proceed. In many divorce cases, settling issues like spousal maintenance and child support is better down through litigation. This is especially true when the relationship between divorcing spouses is contentious and bitter. This is also true in times when abuse is an issue. When the most important matters in your life – finances, division of assets, the wellbeing of your child – are on the line, you need the support of experienced Greeley, Colorado divorce attorneys, like those at the Kingsford Law Offices. Working with them to build a strong case against a soon-to-be-former spouse can make the divorce process as easy as possible. Call one of our attorneys at 970-351-8750.