Mediating Child Support Modification in Greeley CO

When parties are considering child support modification in Greeley CO, they can choose to litigate the issue or reach an agreement on this matter.  The option to mediate child support modification in Greeley CO allows the parties to craft their own agreement.  Effective ways to complete this type of mediation include:

Consider What the Law Provides

Colorado courts allow a parent to request a review of a child support order every three years.  The child support order can be modified before this time period if the party asking for the request can show that there is a substantial and continuing change in the parents’ circumstances that results in a ten percent adjustment from the previously ordered amount.  If there has been less than three years since the last modification and a substantial change has not occurred, the person wanting the change should take notice that an adjustment may be based only on an agreement if the court is unlikely to order one at that time.

Consider the Child’s Needs

When evaluating child support, it is necessary to carefully consider what the child needs.  Does the child have extensive medical bills or special needs? Is he or she active in extracurricular activities? Are there significant travel expenses involved in the noncustodial parent exercising visitation? These needs should be carefully considered so that the focus is on the child’s best interests and not on a simple monetary amount.

Consider Alternatives

There may be alternatives that may provide for the child’s interests and the parents’.  For example, the parent paying support may feel more comfortable if the funds are deposited into a trust.  He or she may want to be in control of making certain purchases rather than doling out funds.  Numerous apps exist to help co-parents manage expenses.  Alternative provisions may bridge the gaps between the parties.