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Can I Get An Alimony Award Changed?

For couples that have gone through a divorce in Colorado, one of the key issues decided during the divorce has to do with alimony. As the party who is currently paying alimony, you may be curious about the amount of time you will be responsible for making this payment to your former spouse. Typically, at the outset of a divorce, temporary alimony may be awarded, which can change or stay the same when the final divorce decree is handed down. Working with an experienced family law attorney in Colorado is the smartest approach to staying aware of and involved in... Read More

What Can Colorado Bankruptcy Do For Me?

With so many myths out there about what bankruptcy in Colorado can and cannot do, it’s worth an explanation of some of the actual benefits associated with bankruptcy. Knowing this can help you make an informed decision about when it’s time for a fresh start by filing bankruptcy. One of the key questions about bankruptcy is how it will impact a pending foreclosure on your home. While Colorado bankruptcy doesn’t automatically halt mortgages and other property liens with no payment, filing for bankruptcy can stop foreclosure on your mobile home or house, which is a source of great relief to... Read More

Is Illegal Search and Seizure a Drug Crime Defense?

Have you been arrested under an alleged drug charge in Greeley, Colorado? Regardless of the type of charge and allegations, you have rights under the U.S. Constitution. If those rights were violated, those circumstances may serve as grounds for your defense in court. This is why it is critical to contact a Greeley drug crime defense attorney to walk through the stages of your arrest and evidence collection. The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects you from illegal searches and seizure. Sadly, sometimes police officers are so motivated to obtain evidence or they are careless, leading to violations of... Read More

Child Custody Mediation Myth Busting: Outcomes

Many people working through a child custody case don’t even consider mediation as part of their divorce in Greeley, Colorado. Instead, they assume that litigation is the best way to pursue who will receive custody of the children. This is a common myth, and skipping out on trying mediation can be a big mistake. One of the reasons for believing this myth is that in midst of an emotionally-charged divorce, it’s common to want that “victory” moment in court against the other spouse, but this is rarely in the best interest of the children and it is certainly not a... Read More