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I Haven’t Worked in Years; How Will This Impact My Alimony Award?

Alimony in Colorado is also known as spousal maintenance. A judge has the right to authorize short-term or long-term payments to one spouse from another during a divorce proceeding in a period manner. While it is becoming more rare for a permanent alimony award to be handed down in a divorce proceeding, if you are a spouse who has not worked in years and are concerned about your ability to support yourself, spousal maintenance is likely a key concern for you and one you should discuss early. For the most part, permanent alimony is usually only awarded in situations where... Read More

Can I Keep Lawsuit Monies When I File For Bankruptcy in Colorado?

There are several types of exemptions that allow you to keep particular assets even if you are filing for bankruptcy. When you file for Chapter 7 in the state, you may be required to give up part or all of the money you get from any lawsuits. Your lawsuit proceeds may be exempted, meaning that you can keep them safe from bankruptcy creditors. However, Colorado has limited safety net. Through Chapter 7, you can discharge the majority of your debts. In exchange for this wiping out your debts, however, the bankruptcy trustee may mandate that you turn over some of... Read More

What Impacts the Penalties I May Face For Drug Crimes in Colorado?

Each case is unique and should be discussed with a defense lawyer, but a drug conviction can carry serious consequences for you. You may end up paying thousands of dollars in fines, spending time in prison, or facing a permanent criminal record if you are not able to successfully defend drug crime charges in Greeley. There are many factors that will influence the kind of penalties you’ll be facing in a case. These include whether there are other criminal charges associated with it, like illegal weapons possession. Additional charges can make the penalties more severe. Another factor is whether the... Read More

Why Should I Try Child Custody Mediation First?

It can be tempting to just have the court handle your child custody issues, but rarely is the best avenue or outcome for parties who need help determining a parenting and custody visitation schedule in Greeley. To start off with, there is no harm in trying mediation first. Even speaking to a mediator doesn’t mean that you’ll hurt your case in any way if it eventually does go to court. You might want to ask a mediator about timeframes and expected costs as well as what situations tend to do best in mediation. There’s no harm in doing your research... Read More