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Getting a Divorce Attorney in Greeley CO for Alimony

It is relatively common in many divorce cases that one spouse is not in a position to properly support themselves. Under Colorado law, alimony, otherwise known as spousal maintenance, is set up to support a spouse who is not on strong financial footing while he or she either finds a job to support themselves or completes education. The best way to determine if you might be able to collect alimony is to contact a divorce attorney in Greeley CO. Your divorce attorney in Greeley CO will be able to argue on your behalf why you are entitled to collect alimony... Read More

Hire a DUI Attorney in Greeley CO If You Refused a Breathalyzer

Many people think that, if they refuse to take a breathalyzer, it means that police cannot prove a DUI. However, this is not the case and refusing to take a breathalyzer is a crime in its own right. If you were arrested for drinking and driving and refused a breathalyzer, it is essential that you hire a DUI attorney in Greeley CO to defend you in court. Under state law, there are additional penalties for refusing a DUI that you will need the assistance of a skilled DUI attorney in Greeley CO to assist you with. Colorado is an expressed... Read More

Using a Bankruptcy Attorney in Greeley CO to Qualify for Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy differs from Chapter 13 in that, by filing for Chapter 7, someone's assets that are not subject to an exemption are able to have their debt forgiven in exchange for the liquidation of their assets. In order to qualify for Chapter 7, your bankruptcy attorney in Greeley CO will help determine if you are qualified because of a “means test.” Through this, your bankruptcy attorney in Greeley CO will determine if your income is low enough to qualify. In order to qualify via the means test in Colorado, your income must be under the median income for... Read More

Settle Your Divorce With Experienced Mediators in Greeley CO

Divorces can be one of the most painful legal procedures that anyone could deal with. It marks not only the end of the relationship but also tough decisions when it comes to child care or property. Some divorces could get especially nasty when it comes to dealing with dividing up property, arranging custody and visitation or determining alimony. Luckily, when dealing with a divorce, many of these issues can be settled using experienced mediators in Greeley CO. With mediation, you can save on the legal costs and pain by coming up with a solution on your own with the help... Read More