DUI or DWAI Attorney in Greeley CO Explains First Offender Consequences

A DUI or DWAI attorney in Greeley CO  or a Traffic ticket attorney in Greeley CO provides legal representation to many individuals charged with these crimes, including first offenders.  While a DUI or DWAI attorney in Greeley CO can explain that the consequences of a DUI conviction are not as severe for a first offender as they are for a repeat offender, the consequences are still significant.

One of the most significant penalties that a first offender can face is the loss of driving privileges.  A first offender faces a three month suspension of his or her driver’s license.  This can have a direct impact on his or her job, social life and ability to perform various obligations.  In addition a first offender receives 12 points on his or her driver’s license, often making costs to insure him or her exorbitant.  Before the individual’s license will be reinstated, he or she must complete an alcohol assessment and treatment program.

In addition to these administrative penalties, a first offender is also subject to criminal penalties.  These penalties include a mandatory period of incarceration of at least five days.  When a person is unexpectedly locked up for five days, he or she may lose a job and professional standing in the community.  However, the amount of jail time that the person can be received can be much higher – up to a full year.  The higher the defendant’s blood alcohol content level, the more likely it is for him or her to receive jail time.

Additionally, first time offenders are required to pay a fine.  This fine is between $600 and $1,000.  However, there may be additional monetary costs, such as being required to pay for the installation of an ignition interlock device.  A DUI defense lawyer attempts to minimize the potential consequences associated with DUI.