Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Greeley CO

You have the right to hire a criminal defense attorney in Greeley CO of your choice when you are facing any type of criminal charge.  A criminal defense attorney in Greeley CO serves many roles and can have a direct impact on what happens in your case.

A criminal defense attorney can advise a client of his or her rights and take steps to prevent the client from taking steps that hurt his or her defense.  This may include talking to police or consenting to a search that the police otherwise would not be legally able to conduct.  A criminal defense lawyer is familiar with criminal procedure laws and will use this knowledge to shield the defendant from self-incrimination.

Additionally, a criminal defense lawyer can help assert all possible defenses on behalf of the defendant.  After carefully reviewing the circumstances involved in the case, the criminal defense lawyer can develop a legal strategy that asserts relevant defenses.  He or she can also challenge evidence if it is not credible or if the evidence was not obtained in a lawful manner.  These steps can help get charges dismissed or better position the defendant for a plea agreement.

Criminal punishments can be significant.  A misdemeanor conviction can easily result in a year behind bars and a fine of more than $1,000.  Felony convictions carry even stiffer sentences with potential years behind bars and tens of thousands of dollars in fines.  In addition to these serious consequences, being convicted of a crime means that the defendant will have a criminal record that can follow him or her around for the rest of the defendant’s life.  He or she may be denied career opportunities and can even be barred from receiving or maintaining a professional license.  These factors make it critical to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.